About the project

Many deaf children have reading difficulties but there are no reading tests designed specially for deaf children.

Our research will produce scores for deaf children in Year 6 on a number of deaf-friendly reading tests.

This will hopefully be the first step in developing a standardised reading test for deaf children which teachers may use in the future to check on the reading progress of deaf children in their class.

As part of the same project, we are investigating dyslexia in deaf children which is currently difficult for teachers to spot.

This means that deaf children with dyslexia are not identified and cannot benefit from the specialist help that other dyslexic children receive.

So far, we have focused on the reading skills of deaf children who use spoken language. Here is an update on the first phase of the project (PDF 22KB) M.

We are now also recruiting children to take part! Here is a link to the Get Involved page for more details.

Children and families who take part in the project will be contributing to a bank of data which we hope will help deaf children in the future receive the help they need at school.

Participants will also be provided with a summary of the project’s overall findings at the end of the study.

The project is being run by Ros Herman, Penny Roy, Fiona Kyle and Catherine Barnett with funding from the Nuffield Foundation.

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