Informed consent for parents

If you would like your child to take part, please complete the online form below. Our Research Assistant will then contact you.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to print and post the form, you can download and print the form here M and post it to:

Catherine Barnett, Research Assistant
Department of Language and Communication Science
School of Health Sciences
City University London
Northampton Square

Informed Consent Form for Parents
* (denotes required field)

I agree to take part in the above City University research project. I have had the project explained to me, and I have read the information letter for parents, which I may keep for my records. I understand that agreeing to take part means that I am willing to:

  • allow my child to be assessed at school at convenient times during school hours
  • allow some of the assessments to be audio and video recorded
  • agree to answer some questions about my child’s development and background

Data Protection

I understand that any information I provide is confidential, and that no information that could lead to the identification of any individual will be disclosed in any reports on the project, or to any other party. No identifiable personal data will be published. The identifiable data will not be shared with any other organisation.


I understand that a summary of results will be produced and provided firstly to me and secondly to relevant staff at my child’s school with my permission.

I understand that data gathered will be kept securely for five years and then destroyed.

I understand that the quotations from the interview data will be made anonymous when writing research findings. These may be used for reference and discussion in PhD thesis, in journal papers or in conference presentations.

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